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All of the knowledge used in our programs is based on the totality of the best available evidence. Not many mainstream health programs can make this claim.

At Good Mood Dudes, our primary objective, which underpins the services we provide, is to improve public health.

We believe that despite the eye watering volume of information out there about health, the majority of the population is still left confused about how to eat, exercise and manage stress effectively for good health. This has happened because the diet and exercise industry is poorly regulated: this means that anyone can claim to be an exercise or diet guru, with minimal qualification.

There are many enablers and barriers to improving public health. We believe that we have the necessary skills and expertise to: 1) understand the evidence behind what works in workplace settings and what doesn't; and 2) deliver programs that are highly engaging and impactful. Our programs are designed using rigorous evidence based methodology and are delivered by the very best health experts in their field.

We believe that exercise and food is to be enjoyed, not fixated over!

Our Executive Team

Nick Chartres PhD

Founder & CEO

Nick is an Associate Research Scientist at the University of California, San Francisco working with the Program of Reproductive Health and the Environment. His work focuses on advancing the science for the use of best practice methods to evaluate the harms of hazardous exposures such as chemicals. Nick received his PhD from The University of Sydney, where his thesis examined ways to reduce bias in public health guidelines, including the primary studies that are used in our national Dietary Guidelines. Nick also has a Masters in Nutrition.

Brad Phillips

General Manager

Brad has over a decade of corporate experience leading teams and delivering large scale digital projects in financial services. He is acutely aware of the benefits and challenges of creating and sustaining a healthy approach to physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace. And having designed and delivered wellbeing programs for large organisations, small businesses and individuals, he understands the importance of creating evidence based programs that bring a sense of fun and social connection to clients.

Lara Gray

Head of Product & Operations

Lara is an award-winning business leader who has been developing and managing market-leading digital products for over 15 years in Australia and the UK. She has a passion for content and technology, especially when used in the fields of self-improvement and behavioural change. Lara has an MBA from the AGSM (Australian Graduate School of Management) and has worked for companies including the Guardian Media Group, Fairfax Media and Michelle Bridges 12WBT.

Our Experts

Dr Kieron Rooney

Kieron is a nationally recognised expert in nutrition research and translation into policy and practice. To date, his novel research has focussed on how high sugar and/or high fat diets impact metabolic health. He has been a vocal advocate for improved labelling of manufactured products with a number of successful campaigns related to junk foods marketed to children.

Dr Sun Bin

Sun researches how sleep and circadian rhythms affect our collective health and wellbeing. Her work has influenced guidelines for healthy sleep durations and she is strongly involved in advocacy for greater awareness of quality sleep as a way to maintain health and prevent disease.

Sun has a Masters of Public Health and PhD from the University of Sydney and currently researches how Australian adults sleep, how sleep and sleep disorders affect pregnancy, and how to best manage jetlag for greater productivity and enjoyment of holidays.

Dr Tony Boutagy

Tony is an accredited exercise physiologist, strength and fitness coach and health educator. He completed his PhD in sports science in 2011 at Charles Darwin University. For almost 25 years, Tony has helped people from all walks of life improve their health, fitness and physical performance.

Our approach


The information, nutrition plans and exercise plans in our programs are designed to be simple and easy to follow and implement.

Our experts and trainers have been carefully chosen for their expertise, practical experience and ability to communicate effectively at all levels.


This means that all the knowledge used in our programs is based on the totality of the best available evidence. Not many mainstream weight loss or training programs can make this claim.

Evidence constantly evolves and understanding how to interpret this new information is vital to your wellbeing.


Sustainable exercise and eating means looking after your body for longer than the fad you are on. We want you to learn healthful behaviours that you can keep for the rest of your life.

We know that building and maintaining new behaviours can be challenging. We're here to provide a supportive and fun environment for you to succeed.

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