We’re all about facts, not fads

Our programs are based on the best available evidence. They're designed to be inclusive and accessible for workplaces of all sizes and industries.

We care about improving public health. That’s why we created Good Mood Dudes.

We believe that despite the eye-watering volume of information out there about health and wellbeing, the majority of the population is still left confused about how to eat, exercise and manage stress effectively for good health.

That's where we can help.

We understand the evidence behind what works in workplace settings and what doesn't. Our programs have been tested and honed with medium and large enterprise clients in banking, property management and professional services. All our programs can be accessed digitally and we have an extensive network of experts and instructors around Australia.

We believe health and wellbeing should be enjoyed, not fixated over!

Our Executive Team

Nick Chartres PhD

Founder & CEO

Nick is the Director of Science & Policy at the University of California, San Francisco working with the Program of Reproductive Health and the Environment. His work focuses on US federal chemical policy and regulation.
Nick received his PhD from The University of Sydney, where his thesis examined ways to reduce bias in public health guidelines, including the primary studies that are used in our national Dietary Guidelines. Nick also has a Masters in Nutrition.

Brad Phillips

General Manager

Brad creates and delivers evidence-based wellbeing programs for corporate clients that build a sense of community, fun and social connection for new starters right through to CEOs.
He has developed, managed and marketed digital products in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors for more than 15 years. He understands the benefits and challenges of creating and sustaining a healthy approach to wellbeing and brings the energy and expertise to help people implement it.
Brad holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing & Finance from the University of New South Wales.

Some of Our Experts

Dr Kieron Rooney

Kieron is a nationally recognised expert in nutrition research and translation into policy and practice. To date, his novel research has focussed on how high sugar and/or high fat diets impact metabolic health. He has been a vocal advocate for improved labelling of manufactured products with a number of successful campaigns related to junk foods marketed to children.

Dr Sun Bin

Sun researches how sleep and circadian rhythms affect our collective health and wellbeing. Her work has influenced guidelines for healthy sleep durations and she is strongly involved in advocacy for greater awareness of quality sleep as a way to maintain health and prevent disease.

Simone Chartres

Simone is an endorsed Clinical Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). She has over 10 years of clinical experience working with young people and adults with complex presentations in the public and private sector. Simone has extensive clinical experience in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders, mood disorders, substance use disorders and eating disorders.

Dr Tony Boutagy

Tony is an accredited exercise physiologist, strength and fitness coach and health educator. He completed his PhD in sports science in 2011 at Charles Darwin University. For almost 25 years, Tony has helped people from all walks of life improve their health, fitness and physical performance.

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