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If you’re looking for an engaging speaker for your next event, we have 25+ health experts who can tailor presentations to suit your wellbeing calendar, budget, and goals. 

Here’s a small sample of the keynotes we can provide.

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The keys to better nutrition: Choice & Inconvenience

Main topics: Nutrition, food industry influence, ultra-processed food products, diets of the world, NOVA food classifications.

Are the number of “stars” on the packets of food we eat really a good indication of optimal nutrition? We cover how the food industry has used a reductionist way of thinking about food to its advantage in marketing and selling its ultra-processed food products.

Which diet is best for us? Mediterranean? Ketogenic? Paleo? We take a look at what makes them unique, compare them to the standard Australian diet, and help you decide which dietary approach may be best for you.

We’ll also look into a new way to think about your diet, the NOVA classification. It is one of the simplest ways to think about eating, that now has extensive research to demonstrate its beneficial health effects.


How to get the sleep you’ve always wanted

Main topics: Sleep quality, sleep duration, circadian rhythms, impacts of technology, alcohol & caffeine

Many of us have experienced pulling an all-nighter or the sleep deprivation associated with having young children, but have you ever considered the impact this had on your body, brain, memory and decision-making? We discuss the impact of poor sleep through a fascinating case study from the past and more recent studies from sleep scientists.

We’ve all heard that adage that we should be getting 8 hours of sleep a night, but is this backed up by science? Find out what actually constitutes ‘good’ sleep and the true benefits of getting a good night’s sleep.

Like most things, there are no ‘quick wins’ when it comes to sleep. In this keynote we cover the fundamental practical sleep-optimising strategies we can all implement for a better night’s sleep. Put these into practice regularly and consistently to achieve your best sleep.


Why strength training can help you live longer

Main topics: Resistance training, aerobic exercise, longevity, healthspan, ageing

Ever wondered what the secret is to a long and healthy life? In this keynote, we explore the steps you can take now to maintain a healthy body and mind in the future.

At every stage of your life how strong you are is a determinant of how long you live and the quality of your life as you age. We explore why strength training is good for our overall fitness and wellbeing, and how to integrate it into your training regime. Tip: You don’t need a gym membership.

We also cover the role of cardiovascular fitness and the key principles of utilising nutrition to get the most out of exercise.

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