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Personalised Training & Nutrition Plans

Online training offers you a personalised weights and aerobic program, emailed to you every month (designed around your health status, training experience and time availability). With the help of instructional videos of every exercise, you can train confidently and competently at a fraction of the price of what a normal personal training session costs.

Your personalised exercise program is complemented with a personalised nutritional plan, which teaches you the importance of measuring your energy intake. We will take you through a step wise process so you can learn the necessary behaviours to healthfully and sustainably achieve your desired body composition goals (get leaner, grow, increase strength, power etc).

Online training also gives you access to our member’s login, offering you the latest evidence on exercise, eating and health, all explained in non scientific speak.

What You Get

A Program Designed Just For You

Based around your stated goals, your health status, training experience and time availability

A Structural Assessment with a Physiotherapist

This ensures all of your programs are safe and effective

Ask Questions by Email

Ability to ask questions about your program at any stage to ensure you receive maximum benefit

Exclusive Access to our Outdoor Group Sessions

Have the opportunity to join your fellow members on one of our fun & affordable group sessions

You will also receive

Exclusive Member Access to

Videos of Every Exercise in Your Program

We show you how it’s done to ensure correct form, posture and tempo

Nutritional Instruction

Complement your exercise program with your personalised nutrition plan to reap all the benefits of your hard work

Scientific Studies & Evidence

All the latest evidence and research presented to you, in non-scientific speak

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