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We are a workplace wellbeing consultancy that uses the best available evidence to design wellbeing solutions for companies of all sizes and industries.

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Our solutions equip your people with the knowledge and skills to help them address the health impacts of stressors in and out of the workplace.

“It’s not likely that someone’s going to choose a job or company based on the quality of muesli in the kitchen.”

Dr Nick Chartres, as featured in The Guardian: What Do Employees Expect of a Workplace in 2022?

Our Solutions

Spanning Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep & Mental Health, our solutions are designed with leading academics and educators to help your people learn how to build healthier behaviours, be more resilient, and have more fun.


With a variety of engaging expert speakers and health topics, our keynotes are the perfect addition to a large team event or a more intimate lunch & learn series.

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Research-based and expert-led, our online courses offer an unrivalled opportunity to learn how to build healthy behaviours around nutrition, sleep, and exercise.

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If you're not sure where to start with your workplace wellbeing program, or would like to soundboard your ideas with us, get in touch. We know what works and we'd love to help you.

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Our Expertise

Our 25+ experts design and deliver engaging solutions, informed by the latest research on a range of health topics including nutrition, sleep, exercise and mental health.

Dr Nick Chartres

Founder & CEO

Dr Yu Sun Bin

Sleep Epidemiologist & Public Health Researcher

Dr Kieron Rooney

Biochemist & Nutritionist

Dr Marianna Szabo

PhD, Clinical Psychologist

Dr Tony Boutagy

Exercise Physiologist & Strength & Fitness Coach

Simone Chartres

Clinical Psychologist

Michael Ferraro

Clinical Researcher of Chronic Pain

Professor Sarah Blunden

PhD, Clinical Psychologist & Paediatric Sleep Researcher

Jemma McGeachie


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