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Support the wellbeing of your people with evidence-based programs covering sleep, nutrition, exercise and mental health.

Why it matters

Improve employee wellbeing

Our programs equip people with the knowledge and tools to help them achieve better health and performance. By creating a sense of community and connection we can help you build a culture of wellbeing in your workplace, no matter the size.

Research-Based, Expert-Led Programs

Better Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise & Mental Health

It can be hard to find information about health and wellbeing that you can trust. Our programs are focused on the facts, not the fads. They're designed and delivered by world-leading health experts and proven in workplaces around the country.

Make an impact

Go beyond the perks and create a culture of wellbeing

We do yoga classes and fruit boxes too. But a genuine focus on employee wellbeing requires a deeper commitment to implement meaningful change for individuals, teams and the organisation.

This is the best 'benefit' I've seen offered during my ~6 years with the company and it has been great for our team culture.
My fitness levels have increased hugely. Mental wellbeing improved knowing you are going to take a break from the office is so important.
I met new people in other teams I wouldn't have otherwise had an opportunity to get to know.

Good Mood Dudes Client

Thank you so much for the time, effort and energy you've put in to the program. I loved how people of all abilities were able to participate in an inclusive and supportive environment.
This program was important last year for peoples wellbeing, but even more so this year during iso - when our people were not always their best selves mentally. You've all made a huge difference to a large part of the division's mental wellbeing and I can't thank you enough.

Good Mood Dudes Client

We wanted to create an environment that supports and promotes everyone’s wellbeing. Recognising especially during lockdown how much many of us were struggling, with mental and physical health, sleep, nutrition and sanity all taking a hit.

It was important to create an opportunity for our people to regularly connect with each other even if they couldn't be together in person. The weekly challenges, points and prizes brought a sense of accountability and fun to the program.

The Good Mood Dudes were a standout choice to provide our people with access to the best evidence-based health information to help our people make informed decisions about their health.

Good Mood Dudes Client

Our Expertise

Dr Nicholas Chartres

Director of Science & Policy at the University of California, San Francisco

Dr Yu Sun Bin

Sleep Epidemiologist at University of Sydney

Dr Tony Boutagy

Exercise Physiologist, Sports Scientist, Coach, Educator

Assoc. Professor Kieron Rooney

Biochemistry of Exercise at University of Sydney

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